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MB List!

Airbeds~ Me, Nick, Dan
Sheets~ Me
Pillows~ each of us
Sleeping bags/blankets~ everyone, just in case
Food (whatever you feel like bringing)~Everyone
Sunscreen~Whoever wants it
Bathing suits~ Umm...
Cameras~ duh
cards (games)~Whoever
Liquor~WHat kind and who
Beer (dan doesnt care) ~What kind?
towels~ Each of us
plastic cups~someone

There ya go.
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So this week I will be definitely putting together a bunch of things that we should bring.
Also sleeping arrangements are pretty obvious, I think.

I also moved the date to the 14th for def. answers just because there's a couple people who are kinda on the edge of knowing at this point.

ALSO!!! My mom told me that her friend who owns a house in MB is willing to give us a deal next time we do this. In the summer she needs to rent for the week, but in off season months she can rent in smaller chucks of time. So if anyone is up for round 2 next year, keep me posted!

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MB Is a GO!

So. The reservations are set. 2 bedroom condo... not HUGE but full kitchen, patio, access to a pool, ocean right there, one Queen size bed, 2 twins, a pullout couch, a small sofa for Brandy to sleep on, plus Nick, Dan and I have airbeds. I also have a cot as does someone else. Cost for room is $45. This is if all 11 of us go.

***NB: As of May 15 there are 12 going. As of now, the price is $45. I will be making a list on Monday of those who have paid up etc (kept private) so when we show up I know who owes what. Also, expect to bring around $40 at least. That's for extra stuff like going out and food for the kitchen etc. =D ***

Definitely going:
Chemdog *own room*

Maybe going:

Anyone I miss?

If we get like..14 people, I think it would be advantageous to get 2 rooms. **NOTE** Chem has made his reservation and in it we have made the request that he be placed next to us. Half of us will say we are in Chem's room, but we will really be in ours. =)

Also, how many cars? Let's see:
1. Me, Stacey, Max. Maybe Darren.
2. Mary and David
3. Nick and Draco
4. Jim, Osky, Dan and Bill (maybe James)
5. Chem (but I think I am going to pick him up, not sure yet.)

$20 down payment due to me ASAP. A DEFINITE answer is due **May 14th.** You pay down payment and don't come? Tough shit. =D
Once that money is in my hands it's mine to cover costs. I've already put down one night's payment, and the rest is due when we check in. Check in is at 4pm Friday, June 2nd, and check out, 11am Monday June 5th.

Any problems, message me here or in GT. Make sure to leave your SN and an email addy or sommat for me. =D

<3 Jeannette
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